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Get Points, Get Swag

As if brilliant burgers and craft beer arent enough, we think our customers deserve even more. Thats why we started our Rewards Club. All you have to do is sign up at any Flipdaddy’s location, and youll start earning points towards some really cool swag.

200 Points: T-Shirt
400 Points: Growler of Beer
1,000 Points: $125 Gift Card
5,000 Points: Schwinn Cruiser (up to $350 value)
10,000 Points: Two Round-Trip Airline Tickets (up to $700 value)

Points are added to your account each time you pay. $1.00 spent = 1 point earned. Plus, theres no annoying card to carry around. Just tell your server your account number, which is the number 1 plus your phone number.

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The Fine Print

One point is applied for each pre-tax, pre-gratuity dollar spent on food and beverages. The cardholder must be 21 years of age. By registering for the Flipdaddys Rewards Club, you agree to receive weekly email communication regarding your account, upcoming events, promotions and special offers. A special gift will be sent to your email address to celebrate your birthday month. Your Flipdaddys account number must be stated at the time of payment to record your purchase. Only the individual or spouse registered for the Flipdaddys Rewards Club will be entitled to receive points. Points and Rewards are non-transferable. Points can be earned on credit card or cash payments only. Points are not issued for transactions paid with gift cards. Points and Rewards may not be exchanged for cash. Points and Rewards can be redeemed at all Flipdaddys locations. Account number and photo ID must be presented to accumulate points. Prizes valued 3,000 points or more will take 2-4 weeks for review, purchase, and delivery. Reward points may not be combined from other users. When redeeming, your account history will be verified. Flipdaddys LLC reserves the right to add or withdraw participating restaurants, make changes to rules, redemption levels or prizes, audit accounts or terminate the program without advanced notice.